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Heart-Shaped Rock Island
About us

Hi, we are Mick & Gabi, so nice to meet you!

For the last 16 years Mick, my Life Partner, and I, Gabi have been Healing and Balancing ourselves and our Life together.


Building a Living (we run an Engineering Business) juggling a patchwork family of 5 now adult Kids, health issues, our own and those within our family, Bereavement and all the everyday niggles have challenged us to find practical it-does-what-it-says-on-the-Tin, Habits, Tools, Processes and Remedies.


We live our life together with can-do, up-to the-challenge-and-still-smiling attitude which does not attach to the fairy tale of happily-ever-after. Our trust and love of each other and in life has gifted us a unique, beautiful life that works for us and our Family. We believe everyone, like you, can have a vibrant life, and we love to inspirer and help you along the way.

We both share a love for what Nature has on offer to help us heal on all levels. Through Plant medicines, spending time connecting through her beauty as well as our internal Naturalness. Nature has a natural flow of change and transformation. Our passion is to assist help you find yours.


My Soul came in as an Emotional Healer and Life Mechanic

I love refining Tools and mixing and matching them for most effective healing. I'm here to help release stuck emotional patterns and obsolete beliefs and give structure for integration, healing and growth.


In the deep work I provide for individuals, in relationships and groups.


I use my sense of humor for to make it much more Fun!


My Soul came in as an
Emotional Shifter anda Life Alchemist


I love to follow the flow of Patterns.

Some are useful, some are not. To heal the ones that are not and assist in deepening our Love for ourselves as we are and live and co-create. With in our Relationships with Joy, a hearty dose of Fun and unconditional


I love to guide you on your path with Love, that is what I'm here to offer.

I also play harp and you can find my song on spotify!

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