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🍄 Amanita Muscaria

🍄 Amanita Muscaria


AM (GK 47)
Only take this tincture if you either worked with it before and you know what you are doing. Or you are part of my virtual retreat. This tincture taken in the wrong dosage can cause serious and dangerous side effects!


Can give more mental clarity and enhance physical strength. The funghi has got natural pain killing properties. My roosting can stop al. ost all the symptoms of Lymes disease. Can elevate or stop depression , Hells purge and detox the body. When taken as micro dose and part of a spiritual retreat can help heal childhood trauma and reset our relationship patterns to our parents and food. Join my 7 day Micro Dosing Group Immersion with Capsules and guidance Zoom.

Size 20 ml


These tinctures are not ment to be taken continuously for weeks or month at the time. Please ask timeframe when ordering. 

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